Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Boy's Best Friend is his Mother.....

Rob Zombie's Halloween

All in all, I thought it was kind of good......
The ideology explored in it was pretty heavy.....I think there is a lot being said about the mother (sheri moon zombie). She had a creep living with them who ridiculed her son. She couldn't protect her son from being bullied. She brought shame and the bullying upon Michael by being a stripper and giving blowjobs outside the strip club. Once he butchers most of the family and a few assorted randoms she lies to him about everyone at home being "just fine." The only truthful or innocent person who remains is the baby. Perhaps since she lied to him about this she was lying to him all along? About loving him? About not having to hide his ugliness? Yikes. Just like's all about the mother and her shortcomings. Just as Laurie's adoptive mother (Dee Wallace) was also unable to protect Laurie. WHERE IS BEATRIX KIDDO WHEN YOU NEED HER?

1. rape scenes a bit too graphic but not anything I wouldn't expect from RZ.
2. Sheri Moon Zombie was a great match for her character. Nice work.
3. Dialogue between Laurie Strode and Tommy and Lindsey was a bit......dorky.
4. Long shot scenes of mental hospital were lovely. Filmmaking overall was really interesting.
5. Pulling the picture of baby out at the end.....I kind of liked it.