Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I stand amazed and corrected.

Never before would I have thought that I'd enjoy THIS more than Indy, but it's true. And I'm going to be honest here (anonymous comments be damned) because SAFETY in blogging never got anyone anywhere, and I'd rather be interesting and maybe a bit rude than safe and boring.

I didn't think I'd like it, and the beginning was really sappy and annoying. Matt was rolling his eyes the whole time and yelled at one point, THIS IS SUCH CRAP, WHO REALLY LIVES THIS WAY?!?!? I agreed. It's kind of disturbing (all the materialism) in the given economical situation that people out there put more focus onto shoes and bags when there are starving children and wars going on. . . .but hey, their choice, I guess. I was starting to get annoyed at how the kids (Lilly and Brady) were just shoved into the background and only occasionally acknowledged, but that got better as the film went on. After the wedding aftermath and Miranda and Steve's issues came around it seemed much more realistic and interesting. Not that I was yearning for bad things to happen to the girls (I loved how the series ended, with everything pretty much on a good note) but as a writer, I consider often how despite my tendencies toward optimism and making everything all right, people do not want to read page after page of fabulous with little to no conflict. That's how this started out for me.

I thought they all looked wonderful and only one outfit really annoyed me (Miranda's knee high boots in the park toward the end) but you could tell they are showing signs of aging, which is actually really refreshing. It's nice when you see famous actors/actresses take on roles where they can look physically vulnerable (or haggard after a horrible event) and do it with gusto. It gave Carrie a lot more substance and not just all shoes and neuroses.

I was kind of bored with Samantha's story, the valentine's sushi? Meh.

Otherwise very enjoyable. The bit with the shoe being the PROPOSAL TOOL. . . . how fitting. The minute she hung up the phone with Louise from St. Louis everyone in the room (3 people) said almost in the same way, OH MY GOD, MY FUCKING SHOES!!!! (ala Kelly/ Liam Sullivan). (These shoes are mine, betch.)


Anonymous said...

i have to see this.

do you ever get anonymous comments? i got one with an old blog that basically called me a nazi war criminal after telling my birth story and saying something about my workplace not really being a "breastmilk" friendly zone. they said i should have sued cbsd. now i have to accept all comments, if you're gonna trash me, i at least wanna know who you are so i am not defending myself against a brick wall. makes me wanna go on a full-on buddhism book rant on these people.

Television Lady said...

yeah, didn't like my position that the show was uncomfortable or the image i used from PITNB, that i misspelled M-A-N-O-L-O, and that my psuedo reviews were what were uncomfortable. Oh, and that i was someone who wasn't given enough attention growing up. . . .
all anon. but like a year after i wrote the original post.
i was caught off guard, but the more i read blogs the more it gets mentioned, anonymous rudy huxtables whose mission in life is to get people riled.


Anonymous said...

see, i am sure there ARE people out there who could be reading our blogs that we don't know....i suppose. but i can't help feeling like that is highly unlikely and that anyone who is posting these anonymous comments know me/us. maybe i am naive to the MASSES that want to read my blog. you have tags on yours though so i am sure there are sex in the city obsessed freaks out there who have to get on the case of anyone who has an opinion on the show.

wanna know MY opinion on sex in the city? i find it fun to watch for the fashion (how no one in their right mind would wear half of it) and the sheer IDIOCY of the characters. but really, i think these grown women are acting like 12 years old, are basically just unintelligent and rather slutty. i consider it one of those shows (like 90210) where you watch it for how over the top it is, not to fashion your LIFE after like soooo many people try to do.

you spelled manolo wrong? jesus christ, HOW COULD YOU.

also: SJP = hot pretty. i loved her when she would play the fun-loving girl next door. trying to tart her up like some HOTTIE just does NOT work for me. get a GD nosejob. and the redhead? are you serious? FROGGY. charlotte is the worst one for acting like a child, they should put her in a lolligoth costume and make her sing "on the good ship lollipop" because that is her whole shtick. the codgey blonde one is the only one i can stand because she occasionally tells the other 3 off.

but hey, that's just me.


Anonymous said...

i would also argue that both yours and my "problem" is that we were given a great deal too much attention growing up....not that either neglect or over-attention would stop us anyway.

Television Lady said...

OH SHIT! You have really brought it down on us now!
if anon sees not only my but YOUR comments too, we are likely to get a whole HOST of psychological comments about what is wrong with us stemming from our disapproval of a show that COME ON, we should all of us be emulating.


i second the motion. on everything.
couldn't have ranted it better myself. i think YOU should do media rants, you do em much better than me.

this was about a year ago, so before facebook facebook, i LOVE facebook took us all over. i don't think anyone i know knew about this except for you and matt and maybe charlie.