Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Family Television

1.The new grandbaby on 18 Kids and Counting: Did that son HAND-DELIVER his own daughter?? I mean, I saw the whole episode and there was talk over the "doula" staying for a home birth because the doctor was out of town, maybe they meant midwife? Doulas wouldn't carry cord-cutting utensils with them. . . .

2. Supernanny: What always amazes me on this show is that these parents somehow either forget they are being taped or are okay with looking like complete LAZY MORONS whose kids are ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARES (on National television). I don't get it. I mean it's like that house on Little People, Big World. You'd think that after 3 or 4 seasons on the air they would either see it themselves or have someone close to them point out THIS HOUSE IS A SHIT BOX WITH SHIT ALL OVER THE PLACE. CLEAN IT. OR RE-NAME THE SHOW "LITTLE PEOPLE, BIG MESS." How the parents on Supernanny don't at least *try* to clean up their acts for the audience is beyond me. Gross.

3. I think they could have just implied the scene in this where Annikin kills the younglings or referred to it in a conversation or something. It's just too much, and not necessary.