Friday, February 1, 2008

Revised opinion on Incredibles

sometimes I change my mind. sometimes I am way off with my perception on things. I like to think I am good about admitting when I am wrong, even when it comes to personal opinion things that I blog about (i.e. Manolo Blahnik and spelling it incorrectly).

I think I like The Incredibles now, if for no other reason than Elasta-Girl's long stretchy arms. My brother and I had a funny discussion about the scene where she is trapped in the sliding doors and has to use her stretchy arms and legs to beat up guys from afar. I am laughing about it now, just remembering her feeling out that guy's face before she punches him in it.

I actually revise my opinions on films a lot, now that I think about it. I hated Apocolypse Now and All Quiet On the Western Front the first times I saw them. I think I was just too immature. Anyway, Incredibles is fast becoming one of my favorite films that my son likes to watch. He likes all the robots, rockets, and jets of course.