Friday, May 17, 2024

Teresa with a T/Black Rose: A Twin Peaks Fan Film

 Exciting news!  

Cameron (Obnoxious and Anonymous) is gearing up for another Twin Peaks fan film along with fellow filmmaker Josh Eisenstadt, so that makes TWO new films! Black Rose: A Twin Peaks Fan Film and Teresa with a T are in the works right now; a campaign has already begun that could really benefit from our contributions. If you enjoyed Queen of Hearts: A Twin Peaks Fan Film (I went from full indifference toward Annie Blackburn to crying about her FFS), you will definitely appreciate two more stories about two mysterious Twin Peaks/FWWM ladies as well as crossover events with characters from season 3. Something tells me there may be a visit or two to our favorite north-of-the-border fun time establishment in one or both of these films . . . 

Two films, for the price of one contribution! Contribute here: and stay tuned! Follow Queenofhearts_twinpeaksfanfilm on instagram for updates!