Thursday, January 31, 2008

Darkly Dreaming Dexter

Just finished reading this last night. I have to say the experience was quite influenced by having seen the show first but even so, there are a few things I think the creators of the show really did well given what Jeff Lindsay gave them as a starting-off point. It's only 288 pages long after all. What I liked about reading this was getting that extra insight into the character of Dexter that can only come from reading a story that is told in first-person (although the show does do an excellent job of monologue-ing). The way Dexter talks about the Dark Passenger is a lot more substantial here but it almost seems like there are two Dexters sometimes; the show didn't really have that vibe for me---more like, I am Dexter, I have no emotion, I'm ALWAYS the Dark Passenger, it's just a question of timing and availability that I am able to BE him with all the killing........

The show did a great thing by pumping up the character of Angel Batista. Part of this credit should really go to the actor, David Zayes, without whom this part would really be nothing special, but that was one thing that was lacking for me while reading this. Angel just brought a lot to the series I think. Doakes also was marginally small in the novel but huge in the series, which I also enjoyed. LaGuerta had a bigger role in the novel but I don't know if it was necessarily a better one. I almost found myself liking her toward the end of season two, but that's another discussion. I just now saw that Jeff Lindsay was actually a writer on the series, so maybe these ideas came to him after having lived with the characters as they were......fleshing them out to be bigger, badder, and longer lasting could have been pretty sweet for a writer, in my opinion. The background and flashbacks of Harry and Dexter's younger years were great. Deborah was great and translated almost perfectly from book to film.

All in all, this was a very pleasurable read. The show has that special quality to it that can only come from great writing and kick-ass casting but the story itself is some sort of genius on its own; it was bound to strike a chord with me (serial killers and all....) I've seen only two seasons and already I have placed it on the highest pedestal possible (The Sopranos, Twin Peaks, 24). I look foward to the next installment in the triple-D Dexter series, which I believe is......DEARLY DEVOTED?!?!?

Sunday, January 20, 2008


yes. so i've discovered the inevitable truth that comes with having a public blog.....that someone somewhere is going to have to get all crabby and critical of MY being critical and pick on things such as spelling errors or other random ridiculous items. Maybe it was Peter Gregg. Of all the things I've commented on, it's hilarious to me that the upset would come from a sex and the city entry I did more than a year ago. Matt is in the background laughing (after I told him what the comments were) HOW CAN YOU HATE SEX AND THE CITY? (i don't) IT'S SO COMFORTABLE!! THE CHICKS ARE ALL REALLY HOT!! IT'S THE BEST SHOW EVER!!!!!!!!! I ASPIRE TO BE JUST LIKE THEM!!!!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Dexter's Last Episode.

hmmmmm. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it. Somehow I thought Lila's end would be a lot more.......FIRE-y. I mean, it seemed fitting to have her go out in such a way; I even envisioned an ending where SHE got pegged being the Bay Harbor Butcher, Dokes was exonerated and all was well, Lila getting the chair in the end.

IN the meantime, what is one to do when there is a writer's strike still going on?
this will have a severe effect on my winter, to be sure. what of tony almeida and the rest
of 24????????????

Thursday, January 3, 2008

so on food network there are all these ads for jamie oliver's new show JAMIE AT HOME and all they do is play it EVERY COMMERCIAL BREAK but the thing is that none of the food he's making looks at all good, it's like he's out in his vast ROOT GARDEN and picking out all these roots and then frying them up in some slimey shit and putting them on a plate. everything they show him eating looks like he picked it out of loch ness or something. slimey, gooey, gross and ROOT-y.

and matt of course adds, AND THEN HE SPITS IN THE FOOD TOO.....
since matt has a huge issue with his british lisping and dropping lemon pips in everything along with his spit. he grosses me out a little.

This, on the other hand will never get old. I love the BC; can do no wrong.