Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I'm still alive. . . just without a computer.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thursday Treats

There's a new Spartacus trailer out, so I've been told. . . my hopes are that somehow, Gannicus might find his way back to the Ludus, even if Batiatus has fallen.

In the meantime:

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lovely, Still.

This was a recommendation from Matt's cousin Keith; it was a very good one.

Lovely, Still. 2008. Written and directed by Nik Fackler.
starring: Martin Landau, Ellen Burstyn.

"A holiday fable that tells the story of an elderly man discovering love for the first time." (imdb).

This is one that I just can't talk to death; it's best if you just dive in, yourself. I will say that I really liked the lighting (it happens over Christmas) and a lot of the color choices. Acting is perfect; Burstyn and Landau really nailed it. Fackler was pretty young when he did this, but it didn't feel like a young director's film. You should see this.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Sookie. Walter White. Quality.

I never thought I'd start favoring television shows over film but clearly it's happening.

This is what I'm talking about . . .

True Blood: I Wish I Was The Moon.

1. Woodland sex-capades under a full moon; Sookie finally hits it. Nicely done. 

2. Pam, to Eric. "You are a Viking Vampire GOD! You bow to NO ONE!"

3. Sam's brother is gross; kill that story line, now.


5. This isn't nice (to Hoyt), but I for one, really want Jason to hook up with Jessica. You know they both want to.

6. Andy Bellefleur getting hot over the blond witch was kind of sweet. Dude definitely needs to get laid.

7. I don't really enjoy the witches, as I've said before, but girl deserves her revenge on the vampire that raped her. Just leave Eric and Pam out of it, yeah?

Lab Notes, Hank! LAB NOTES!

Breaking Bad: Open House.

1. Everyone is in turmoil, granted, but I *hate* seeing Hank so unhappy. It's making me really sad.

2. There was a really beautiful production sequence that I loved, just after the real estate agent noticed that a spoon was missing from the framed collection on the wall (which Marie stole). It starts with a sort of low, pulsing bass melody and just kind of goes on from there as they cut to the next scene, which is Jess Pinkman looping around the go-cart track, clearly an emotional wreck. Next he goes home and finds people screwing in his living room, spray painting the walls, and generally tweaking out. He walks in, looks around, and takes a seat right on the couch. It's not happy by any stretch, but the way his pain is portrayed is genius.

This show is what little shows want to be when they grow up (around here we call it "quality.")