Saturday, July 4, 2009

If the clues to LOST really are in seasons 3 and 4, I am guessing the Orchid Station is going to hold all the answers to what happens, WHY, and how they're going to fix what happened.

When the crew is there (Jack, Sayid, Kate, Sawyer, Juliet, Hugo, Jin) in the 70s, the Orchid Station hasn't been finished yet. Faraday goes to it, knows it's there, and talks to Dr. Marvin Candle about being from the future. Dr. Marvin Candle doesn't die in the Swan Station incident, but he presumably loses his arm in that little crunch (which Miles saves him from), as the later Dharma videos show him with a prosthetic. Dr. Marvin Candle somehow gets involved with the rest of them and then together they use Faraday's journal and information to create or further the Orchid in order to be able to time travel to change or prevent some event from happening. The event could be anything. . . .

1. There was some confusion over WHO was really supposed to move the island at the end of season 4. Ben insisted that it had to be him as he claimed (to Locke) that Jacob wanted him to suffer the consequences (not being able to return). But later, when Locke talks to Christian after he falls down the well, Christian insists that JOHN was supposed to be the one to move it. ? ? ? ?
If John was initially the one to move the island the first time, he never would have been the one to fix that wheel when it was all cockeyed off its axis and maybe the interaction between Locke and Widmore would have been different? Or the flashes through time would not have happened the way they did because John would have done it right the first time. He would not have been out and about trying to get everyone back to the island and Ben would not have been able to kill him? We know that Richard can come and go as he pleases, maybe he could have brought John back?
Maybe the event they need the Orchid for involves preventing John's death (and subsequently Jacob's?)

2. Maybe they need the Orchid to fix something with Ben, to either prevent him from doing something or eliminating him altogether?

3. Something happened between Eloise and Widmore. What was it? She took off after having Dan, knowing what, that he would need to go to Oxford to figure out all his quantum physics and do his rat experiments? Dan just wanted to play piano.

4. Did Widmore order the Dharma extermination? Ben seemed to claim it was someone above him but never said who it was. Ben really only killed Roger Workman, and then when he returned Richard asked if he wanted them to get the body, Ben said NO. Richard **shot** Martin Keamy but did not kill him, and he did it to protect Ben. Widmore seems a little kill-happy. . . .(Rousseau, baby Alex). What if the whole time the OTHERS were in charge they were acting more by NOT-JACOB'S philosophy? Team smoke monster does not want outsiders on the island but if they happen to show up, they pick and choose which ones to keep on their team and then kill the rest? Ben seems to have a very Dharma-ish situation going on with the fertility experiments and recruiting. Locke taunts Ben for needing a submarine and having chicken in his refrigerator and therefore CHEATING; John is an island purist. Maybe Jacob thinks that everyone can share in the island and its miracle power which is why random people keep getting pulled in there?

5. Jack is going to have to DO something. It's gotta be about him in the end. His dad is roaming around the island and Claire just wandered off for absolutely no reason. Was this so eventually Jack and Kate would come back, because they felt responsible for her, Jack as a brother, and Kate as a surrogate mother for Aaron? I still think they need to explain Kate totally jumping Jack's bones the night before they left. . . .is she knocked up or what? Are they supposed to spawn a new breed of others?