Sunday, January 18, 2009


1. The last half of Bauer didn't record properly on the dvr because Fox HD apparently quits working on Sunday and Monday nights if you get comcast. Jerks. Matt chatted with some lame-o tech for like an hour where all they could recommend was that we PING our box. Yeah, No.
So horror of horrors, we'll have to start recording and watching it in regular definition.

2. Sex and the City. The episode with "sexpectations" in the title: Carrie tries to bang Burger and it goes poorly, Samantha picks up Smith Jerrod in the restaurant, Miranda loves her Tivo, and Charlotte becomes a Jew: blah. Miranda actually looked the hottest. I kept wishing Carrie would fall over something and get a huge black eye when she was trying to be seductive and was all drunk.

3. In between this, Soul Food, and John and Kate Plus Eight, I kept flipping back to MIGHTY APHRODITE. Seriously a really funny movie but there are so many uncomfortable moments throughout that I had to change the channel: anytime Helena Bonham Carter said ANYTHING because she was so rambling and nervous and her Mia Farrow-esque American accent was really grating on me, and any scene which included Michael Rappaport doing anything at all. Ugh. Mira Sorvino is so excellent in this, genius.

4. LASTLY: That goddamned skit on SNL with Kristin Wiig playing GILLY? I about barfed. She's hilarious but this last one was so physically gross I had to look away a few times. GAG.


Jennifer Blattner said...

Hayen loved that skit with Gilly!!! I didn't quite find the humor, but everytime she said her one-line line, he cracked up. I was laughing at him laughing at her more than the skit itself. She rocks anyway.