Tuesday, April 6, 2021

LOST: It Wasn't Purgatory, Season 2, Episode 16, The Whole Truth

On-Island Events: Sun and Jin argue about safety; Jin overreacts and ruins Sun's garden. Later, Bernard and Rose find Sun feeling unwell and Sun eventually asks Sawyer for a pregnancy test. Locke discloses the Henry Gale situation to Ana Lucia, who meets with Henry in the armory. Ana Lucia suggests Henry draw her a map to the balloon where he crashed onto the island. 

Ana Lucia privately goes to Sayid to ask for his help; Henry indeed drew a map on the back of the Dostoevsky novel Locke gave to him. The two plus Charlie set out to find the balloon. Sun's pregnancy test is positive; she shares the news with Kate and Jack but does not want to tell Jin. 

Sayid, Ana Lucia, and Charlie find the area illustrated in Henry's map but do not find a balloon. Sawyer congratulates Jin on the beach, calling him, "Daddy-O," but Jin does not understand what he means. Jin returns to Sun's ruined garden and mends it. Sun finds him there, the two discuss their relationship, and Sun reveals she is pregnant. Jin, overjoyed to hear the news, decides the baby is a miracle.

Jack allows Henry out of the armory to eat breakfast; he informs Locke and Jack about the map he drew for Ana Lucia. Henry suggests that were he one of the others, his map would lead to an ambush.

Flashbacks: Sun and Jin struggle with infertility and argue about what to do. Sun meets the man she initially went on a match date with for English lessons behind Jin's back. In meeting with a specialist, Sun and Jin learn that their chances at conception are very slim. Jin does not handle the news well and storms out of the doctor's office. Later, Sun confesses to her English tutor that she plans to leave Jin and move to America. Sun runs into her doctor on the street, who tells her it is Jin, not Sun, that has the fertility problem. 

Greater Meaning: Sun and Jin's relationship has suffered its ups and downs, but this episode shows us they still have a long way to go, despite the good news of Sun's pregnancy. In trying to protect Sun from the others, Jin resumes his earlier methods of harsh words, physical aggression, and general dominance, going so far as to ruin Sun's garden when she resists his demands. We are reminded through flashbacks that Jin's need to control and protect stemmed from his violent work for Mr. Paik, but his actions on the island are differently influenced. Jin, after all, is the only person on the island who is not a fluent English-speaker. Sun is the only one who can understand and communicate with him; Jin's own value relies on his relationship with his wife, much as his status back home was tied to his role within Paik's organization. Jin's ability to catch fish and his physical power are useful skills, but Jin is still marginalized within the group by the language divide. Despite this, his new role as a father elevates him somewhat as a survivor and a man: he may not be able to fully communicate, but he successfully impregnated his wife, something he was not able to do before crashing onto the island. The episode's title and Sun's interactions with her English tutor suggest that we still may not be fully aware of everything, at least, not yet.

Further Questions: 

1. Did Sun have an affair with her tutor and lie about it?

2. Will Rousseau/others come for Sun's baby too?

3. Is the baby Jin's? If so, how did his fertility return?

4. Is Henry Gale conning Locke and Jack?

5. Do Sayid, Ana Lucia, and Charlie find the balloon?