Sunday, March 4, 2007

my game o' the moment

I started playing this during my senior year in high school. I was working at the Sheep Shedde Restaurant and would come home after a gross lunch shift all hot and tired and play this game for hours. I never really got past it until one of my brother's friends came over and we watched him do it first. There were still worlds that I never was able to conquer though, hence why I am kind of obsessed with it now. The funny thing is, everyone in the household is on board with me. My husband likes to sit and watch me do it so he can learn how to do it himself. My son loves Yoshi and each time I play requests that I get a different one, red and blue, mostly. My daughter, who is still a baby, just love the music and bright colors. I made a rule that I would only play this on weekends, limiting everyone's exposure to it that way, but since we had like, 4 days of snow, it was like one big long weekend and we played it up more than usual.
That said, if anyone out there knows any good cheats for getting by the TUBULAR special world, please let me know.