Saturday, June 23, 2007

my new HBO bf.....

Now that there is no more Sopranos I've been enjoying Entourage more and more. It's almost like Sex and the City on the other coast, for dudes, and with a lot more likeable characters. Well, mostly likeable anyway. I kind of get bored with Vince and Eric, but everyone else pretty much rules.

Some more random thoughts on media:

1. nicole kidman bugs. it's the voice, i think.

2. the new michael moore is bringing in all sorts of hyped-up moviegoers at starbucks,
that or some codgey german language piece.

3. it's been george clooney week around here: Three Kings, The Peacemaker, and A Perfect Storm. All quite nice.
All this visual stimulation makes me seriously long for the good old days of neck tattoos and Seth Gecko.