Friday, June 1, 2007

things are right in the world again

I had absolutely no beef with the season finale of 24. I thought they brought it all back around and I was back onto pretty much being in love with every character again. I even found myself giving Veep Daniels a little sympathy in the end as well and I hated him from the get-go. Looking back, the only issues I had with the season were pretty much limited to that ridiculous health business (into a coma, out of a coma, forced back in, forced back out) with the Prez, that OUTLANDISH shit with Audrey, and of course, RICKY SCHROEDER. Many found Chloe's pregnancy to be a bad move. Yeah, I could probably have crossed that out of the script but after being forced to contend with the aforementioned elements, this just didn't even strike me as anything to get upset about. If anything, I enjoyed how she had to be all CHLOE about telling Morris, blunt and awkward. What a gem of a man Tom Lennox turned out to be! Surprise, surprise. I really enjoyed myself, and in my pregnant state of hormonally charged emotion, I cried from pretty much the last hour on.

NICE JOB, FOX. now please learn from your mistakes this year and give us something lively next season, such as, NINA AND TONY BACK FROM THE DEAD. you have your work cut out for you. GO. NOW.