Sunday, January 20, 2008


yes. so i've discovered the inevitable truth that comes with having a public blog.....that someone somewhere is going to have to get all crabby and critical of MY being critical and pick on things such as spelling errors or other random ridiculous items. Maybe it was Peter Gregg. Of all the things I've commented on, it's hilarious to me that the upset would come from a sex and the city entry I did more than a year ago. Matt is in the background laughing (after I told him what the comments were) HOW CAN YOU HATE SEX AND THE CITY? (i don't) IT'S SO COMFORTABLE!! THE CHICKS ARE ALL REALLY HOT!! IT'S THE BEST SHOW EVER!!!!!!!!! I ASPIRE TO BE JUST LIKE THEM!!!!


Mink said...

Hey Anna, I just finally read all of your blog, its great, I totally love it and it makes me feel so lame for not getting netflix. I just watched "thumbsucker" the other night and would love to know if you saw it or what you think about it, especially since your a parent. I'm not a big Keanu fan but I have a place in my heart for his buff arms due to Katie Blake pointing them out, she loved him in "Speed" I liked him in the "rivers edge" better.
Do you guys watch Big Love, if not you should.
Do you watch "Mad Men" on AMC, oh my god Steve and I love love love that show, you should watch that as well, very entertaining, I could go on but I'll wait.

hows that third little B doing anyway? Hope your all sleeping

love lucy

Anna said...

hahahaha! totally a closet keanu fan. it was speed for me too. i never really saw rivers edge but matt and alisha have numerous times.

we watched big love for a while when it first came out but after we were displaced to the hotel i kind of forgot about it. that and entourage, which i also really used to like.

i haven't seen thumbsucker. is it about a thumbsucker? if so i should definitely give it a try. i have 2 of those here, big time! i'm gonna check it out.