Monday, June 30, 2008

Sex, sex, sex

1. Juno. Good. Music got annoying: too much and too often. I sometimes wished they were talking about something I was interested in (instead of boring punk music, nintendo or more on the film stuff). The first half was kind of blah, like yes, you're clever and articulate. Not clever enough to maneuver your way through some simple birth control though? Please. The second half was much, much better and very emotionally charged. Well done.

2. Original Sin. Probably the most explicit sex scene I've ever seen in a feature film (that wasn't I heart your C), TAXI ZUM KLO excepted, of course. WOW. That was crazy. Any yearning to see Angelina Jolie's breasts? Give this one a try. She looked weird during this whole thing, like sick or on something. I guess it was probably during the time when she was with Billy Bob or God knows who else. . . she cleans up pretty well, especially when she's preggo. This film was kind of ho-hum, even considering the sex scenes until the very end when that creepy dude kept following her around? Then I was a little disappointed that I hadn't paid more attention, as I had been trying to watch this and read my book at the same time. Then, outside, some sort of commotion was going on at the house across the street and the hooligans were crusing by very slowly BLASTING their hip hop from the car and then keeping it on while they parked for approximately 30 minutes. I finally had to get up and see what was going on out there when what appared to be a child ran out of the car and up into the neighbor's yard, followed by two adult gentlemen. I promptly made sure the doors were locked and retired for the evening.