Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Twilight Zone Diaries: Episode 24

People Are Alike All Over

originally aired: March 25, 1960
written by: Rod Serling
starring: Roddy McDowell, Susan Oliver

"You're looking at a species of flimsy little two-legged animal with extremely small heads whose name is man. Juan Marcusson, age 35. Samual A. Conrad, age 31. They're taking a highway into space, man unshackling himself and sending his tiny groping fingers up into the unknown. Their destination is Mars and in just a moment we'll land there with them."

classification: science fiction

story: After landing on planet Mars, biologist Samual Conrad learns that people are indeed alike all over after they trick him and put him in a zoo.

my summary: Not too big a fan of this one; it's because of Conrad's character and his wishy-washy annoying nature. What a damned wimp. What is with blotting the drink behind his ears? FOR COLOGNE OR WHAT? Music is quite creepy. Conrad getting trapped is disturbing. THERE AREn'T ANY WINDOWS!!!!! Roddy McDowall later went on to play the vampire-killing codger (peter vincent?) in one of MY favorite 80s horror films: FRIGHT NIGHT. I think Marcy Darcy from "Married with Children" was also a star.

"Species of animal brought back alive. Interesting similarity in physical characteristic of human beings. Head, trunk, arms, legs, hands, feet--a very tiny underdeveloped brain; comes from the primative planet named Earth. Calls himself Samual Conrad. And he will remain here in his cage with the running water, the electricity, and the central heat as long as he lives. Samual Conrad has found The Twilight Zone."