Sunday, November 16, 2008

On second thought. . . .

The rest of the disk of Tales from the Crypt's second season was a bit unsatisfying. The first one, "Dead Right" (starring Demi Moore) was actually quite good. The rest of them (miss the rest of me?) were dull and at times, disturbing. "The Switch" stars Rick Rossovich (Slider from Top Gun), William Hickey (fricking UNCLE LOUIS from Christmas Vacation), and Kelly Preston. The 90s hair and fashion was okay, Kelly looked 90s hot, but really I was not able to get past the codge-y old voice of the guy, even worse when it was a voiceover for Slider. I really just kept expecting him to tell "Gris" to get his stogey. Gross.

"Cutting Cards," could have been summed up in about 3 minutes. Nice early work by John Locke's con-artist father though, that was fun.

"TIll Death," was super bad. There was a better attempt at this in a different episode, I don't know what season, starring the disgusting Andrew McCarthy and Mariel Hemingway.

"Three's a Crowd" there is absolutely no excuse for. Super disturbing and unnecessarily violent. That guy was a fricking loose cannon the entire time, some gross wife-beating control freak (Cory Rodelius much?) and physically disgusting enough to make me barf. The ending is just awful. Seriously. I wish I hadn't seen it.

Then we watched AMERICAN PSYCHO the other night. Always a good one, but this time there was a very unpleasant realization: Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman looks strikingly like JOHN NEAL. I could barely control my nausea. This was such a rude awakening. Gag. The film is now ruined.