Saturday, November 22, 2008

Is it me. . . .

Is everything that's on tonight focused on disgusting, butt ugly DOGS?!?!?!

IT'S ME OR THE DOG: I watched this for about 24 seconds and damned near blew a gasket. 1. 5 disgusting, butt ugly, tiny little RAT DOGS IN ONE HOUSE?!?!?! Fucking gross. 2. So the dog is confrontational? How about a nice kick in the face, jackass? Oh the little yelp out of something that horrible would be IMMENSELY GRATIFYING.

AS GOOD AS IT GETS: That **also** disgusting little rat dog pissing all over the place and then digging in diaper shit. Kick it down the garbage chute EVERY DAY.

I realize many people have these thoughts about children, but like Joey said, WE WERE ALL CHILDREN ONCE. . .



Anonymous said...

as matt would say, awww YUCK!!