Sunday, April 16, 2017

All the Twin Peaks #2

Twin Peaks Journal
Episode #2, "Traces to Nowhere"
Airdate: April 8, 1990
Written by: David Lynch, Mark Frost
Directed by: Duwayne  Dunham

Summary: Cooper receives preliminary autopsy report
of Laura Palmer; Leo criticizes Shelly for neglecting to
do his hidden bag of laundry, then becomes angry because whoops his bloody shirt was in there; the high school boys get sprung from the clink.

Pete makes coffee and has a problem with a fish, Catherine and Ben are having an old-person affair with each other; Deputy Hawk sees a one-armed man; the Log Lady's log will someday have something to say; Leo abuses Shelly; Dr. Jacoby has the necklace, Sarah Palmer sees some scary-ass dude in a vision at the foot of her daughter's bed. Who the hell was that?

yeah, NO.

Other Areas of Interest

* Cooper seems intrigued by/suspicious of Audrey immediately.

*Leo's truck: BIG PUSSYCAT. (??)

*Ronnette's father's tone is amusing, "She used to joke, it was the sweetest-smelling job she ever had." Has she had other, less-sweet-smelling jobs, then?

*Norma seems a bit cold toward Cooper until he orders more pie.

*Leo putting the soap in the sock to give Shelly a "code red,"---was he a Marine like Bobby Peru?
I love your hair, Donna! #CutsbyToad

Rating: 🍩🍩🍩 (Three doughnuts out of four possible)

This episode takes us further and offers a bit more information on the lead-up to Laura's murder and what was happening with everyone else in town. For example, Josie and Sheriff Truman are involved; Catherine and Ben Horne are involved; Shelley and Bobby are involved, Big Ed and Norma, and so on. And there seems to be some confusion or at least complications over who Laura Palmer really was---was she the coke-snorting homecoming queen dating the quarterback, or the picnic-dancing sweetheart dating the biker? Tutoring Josie in English, organizing meals on wheels, tutoring Johnny Horne? She seems really over-scheduled, I'd probably need cocaine, too.

Best Lynch Moment: Cooper meeting Audrey---"Do your palms ever itch?"
Best Line: "By God those things will be quiet now!"--Nadine Hurley
New Characters: "The Bookhouse Boys," the One-Armed Man
Coffee, pie, or doughnut references: 9
Journal Entry of the Day: Hey there, Sarah! Have a smoke on me, kay?