Thursday, March 27, 2008


All right. Taking my own advice is proving to be harder than I thought.......
That said, here are the things I think were positive about this film:

1. The casting was good/everyone is physically attractive.
2. Ryan Gosling doing the southern accent was surprisingly pleasing to my ear.
3. Anthony Hopkins is generally creepy no matter what he does, and I think the film played that well.
4. Story was interesting/I wanted to know how it would end.
5. DA Guy (ray mcdeer from THE FIRM?)....I always enjoy him.
6. Despite the twisted torch I carry for characters like JR Ewing and Dr. Romano, I actually enjoy it when the little guy (or in this case, the ethical guy) wins in the end. Good vs. Evil, that sort of thing.

the only negative things I have to say are unfortunately major so here they are:
1. ending was obvious once ray mcdeer uttered the words "ATTEMPTED MURDER"
2. this would have been much better as a short film or Night Gallery or Twilight Zone episode. Yes, I'm a little on the obsessive side when it comes to those two shows, but really, I'm serious about this. I don't think it really had enough bulk for being a feature film. It really came down to having a two hour buildup to a 2 second punch line. Not that I didn't enjoy the ride.......!