Friday, March 21, 2008

Positive Energy

Rare is it that media critics (even psuedo ones like me) ever only point out the positives in the items they review. I just recently found myself complaining that a former manager of mine focused too much on everyone's flaws and shortcomings and could have benefitted more from emphesizing strengths instead. I am taking my own advice: positives first, negatives only if they majorly take away from viewing/reading experience. I sometimes forget that the things that I sometimes just casually dismiss are somebody's projects, something they probably worked hard's not nice to just be sarcastic and rude about it even if I thought it sucked. (all bets are off with this new "policy" if Michael Bay is involved, ESPECIALLY if it's a remake.) And the Twilight Zone. I've put in my time for years----no, DECADES, watching those tapes. If they piss me off I'm taking free reign to say so, with sarcasm. Items such as Sex and the City, 24, or random films will be ranted about with this new format taken into consideration. I feel more positive already. (SMILEY FACE).