Saturday, March 15, 2008

LOST diaries: pilot episode 1

"A sudden plane crash leaves at least 48 survivors stranded on a jungle island, forced to scavenge for survival from the wreckage of the plane. As they get their bearings and pin their hopes on a quick rescue, the band of strangers begin to learn the island holds deep and dark secrets. A group of strong-willed survivors: Jack, a surgical doctor; Charlie, a former rock star; and the enigmatic Kate venture into the dark heart of the jungle to try and recover the airplane transceiver. But even heroes have secrets, as the survivors will soon learn.";title;0

Wow. Relatively late in the game, we have started watching LOST. One episode in and I am already really digging it. My brother said once that I would love it because it was very "Twilight Zone." HOW TRUE!!! Even the music is very much similar. Matthew Fox is very-fine juices. I don't think I'll be willing to get on board an airplane very soon though, these place crash situations have always bothered me. When I was working at NWA I used to have at least one plane crash dream a month.
Bald guy smiling with orange in his mouth: BRANDO FROM THE GODFATHER?!?!!?

I am very excited by this. Sometimes media comes along that gets me this way: 24, Dexter, etc.
How wonderful.


Scotty K said...

Welcome to the club! Lost is definitely the best show on TV and if you continue watching you will not be disappointed.