Thursday, September 18, 2008

Burn vs. Enemy

1. Burn After Reading. hee hee hee. I never thought it would be possible, but they made Clooney look so ridiculous that he was completely unattractive to me. Brad Pitt was absolutely GROSS, but entertaining. McDormand stole the show. True to form, I was not that totally impressed by the film but know that I'll love it 50 times more the next time I see it.

2. MOVING ONTO THE VERY FILM THEY WERE PROBABLY MOCKING. . . . . Enemy of the State. Isn't it funny how years ago, when I first saw this (in the theater), I thought it was super awesome. . . . I am watching it right now and am 30 seconds away from turning it off and peeing on the disk. Now that I've been trying to write more and more, the whole method of storytelling going on in this film, especially the beginning, seems to be very, very childish. They can't find an interesting way of **showing** us the history between Robert and Rachel (Will Smith and Lisa Bonet) so they have to come out with every single detail, outright, and with horrid, obvious, stupidity. The credits, though probably cutting edge at the time, are cheesy and Bruckheimer-ridiculous, together with the bad emotional-rise theme music. Will Smith's lines are lame. The only things enjoyable are Jason Lee (fuck a duck! HOLY SHIT! after seeing the murder on his goose-tape) and the innocent bystander telling Will Smith about some guy on a bike "getting creamed."