Friday, September 19, 2008


I am having a few issues with the show "Bringing Home Baby," lately. I'm not trying to get up on my high horse or anything, but the people they have on this show most of the time are seriously the dumbest people I've ever seen. I mean, half the time I'm wondering how the hell most of them even had the know-how to CONCEIVE, let alone change a damned diaper. To be fair, these people probably have been reading about how most newborn babies eat every 4 hours and then wonder why the baby is screaming to eat when it had just been fed 90 minutes ago. . . .but I guess that's a lesson every parent has to learn on their own.

Another thing that bothers me is how many of these families are filled with DOGS!!! DOGS ALL OVER THE HOUSE, yipping, smelling, snarling at the babies! Oh I just want to gag. Get those disgusting dogs away from the damned INFANT! Gross. The dude on today was this totally anally rententive germophobe who was completely freaking out about germs and dirt and people using hand sanitizer (a goddamned INSURANCE ADJUSTER no less, so a slippery, dishonest, GOBLIN to boot) but yet was completely fine with about 4 disgusting yippy dogs all over the place. I just wanted to reach through the television and slap him.

I couldn't handle any more so I flipped ahead one station to A&E, what a pleasant surprise to find The Sopranos on! Why hadn't I been watching that instead? With my mood being very combative and foul (after the douche on Bringing Home Baby) the violence and darkness was a welcome change.