Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Oh boy. Lovely film. I love all the randomness of this first one: the damned SHEEP running around in Tina's opening nightmare? Freddy's 10 foot long arms?!?!? Seriously! That is definitely something they could have continued with! Like, the first time dude showed up in my dream his arms were 20 feet long, but after that they were just normal. . . Something I never realized before was how Freddy seemed to be lurking around the kids and then had to back off once they either stirred in their sleep (started waking up) or all of a sudden showed signs of strength against him.

Tina in the body bag following Nancy around was a nice touch. The whole classroom sequence is one of my favorites, ever, in a horror film. Nancy starts dozing off, Tina miraculously appears in the hallway in her bloody body bag, and the kid who is reading out of Julius Cesaer starts mumbling all creepy about blah, blah, blah. . . BECAUSE I HAVE BAAAAD DREAMS. . . . yuck. That always scared the shit out of me as a kid. Then the glorious CREEPY HALL MONITOR scene (hey NANCY! No running in the hallways!) What could be better?

The mom really depends on her booze bottle a lot. I wonder how much of the underlying theme of this film relies on Krueger coming after THAT MOTHER for burning him, getting to her by killing her kid and friends. Not the cop dad, who seems to at least partially be in on the situation, but THE MOTHER. Just like Sopranos. It's always the mother's fault. How fitting that the end scene is the chick getting yanked back into the house THROUGH THAT TINY WINDOW?!?!?!

Holy crap. Wes Craven is hilarious.


Anonymous said...

my fave of all time. i know it should be dracula or the shining but this one takes the cake for me and always will. it's an OCD dream! if i fall asleep i will die.