Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Once in a Lifetime Whodunnit Weekend

April Fools Day

This is probably one of my favorite horror movies, ever. There are such random and weird happenings going on in this that sometimes I wonder why people didn't give it more credit for being such a sweet ass 80s film. When we were in about fifth grade, we would see this video cover at the movie store and wonder what in God's name the chick with the noose hair was playing at when she was racing around killing people. . . unfortunately it was just cover art and not an ACTUAL character with that hair. Pity.

1. Nikki is totally my favorite character in this, ever, and this is a little awkward since she very closely resembles one of Matt's high school girlfriends (Kelly). I love her fashion. Jean jacket with doily embroidery? Ruffly peasant shirt and jeans with lots of dangly necklaces and earrings? White sweat pants (rolled) with grey hoodie CUTTER and similarly cut hot pink T-shirt underneath? Oversize flashdance-style cut off the shoulder t-shirt with leggings. I love it.

2. I have a feeling that when I first watched this, back in fifth grade, KIT would have been my favorite as her hair was LONG and BLOND. (I will call this this Betty Childs syndrome of me thinking someone fitting these requirements = number one. this went on until approximately 1996).

3. "Please God Let it be Ding-Dongs." I'm glad this line has survived the years and is a part of my normal banter on a regular basis.

4. The scene between Nikki and Hal at the well is by far my favorite. Who in the hell would say, "Aw, CRAP," when a bucket falls into the well? Hardly any movies use CRAP in dialogue at all. It has a great, blunt impact; I think we need to bring it back.

5. Antics with the faux-corpse heads at the end are great, throwing it at various people, having it perform fellatio, having it knock back pulls on the dom and the way Chaz makes it follow the mob that showers Muffy with champagne so IT TOO gets showered.

6. The ending with Nan? Is this meant to suggest she enjoys the last laugh because she holds a grudge about the abortion tape? Hmmm. Or maybe SHE has a crazy twin, too.

ALSO: Actor who plays SKIP (Muffy's twin brother) is none other than GRIFFIN O'NEAL (Merry Christmas, Griffin), brother of Tatum. I wonder which particular drugs he was using at this time in his life? Or if Ryan would beat the shit out of him after shooting each day?

I especially like the way this whole "elimination" of victims seems a little personal. Skip, causes Buck's accident on the ferry and does drugs to escape the guilt, he gets axed first. Arch is an obnoxious prankster, he gets hung by his leg above a snake. Nan apparently has had an abortion; she gets taken and thrown in the well with the two guys' heads, etc., etc. We learn just enough about each character to know what's coming up next.