Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dumb and Dumber; Tommy Gavin.

Yesterday I watched Dumb and Dumber on Netflix Instant Streaming and there were tons of extra scenes in it! Has anyone else seen this? More at the diner with Flo, a bit at the heart-pool hotel where Lloyd listens to the neighbors doing it through the wall, and then a random dialogue where Lloyd envisions marrying Mary (Mrs. Mary Christmas!). They were all actually duds, these scenes, but unexpected in the way that the Sixteen Candles scene is when the grandmother kicks Long Duck Dong in the business after the "lake, big lake" explanation. Also, the scene in the truck ("you can't triple-stamp a double stamp! You can't triple-stamp a double stamp Lloyd! You can't--You Can't--Lloyd, LLOYD!") This is what it's like having 4 kids all in the house at the same time in the winter of unending snow and I am the fool sitting in the middle, unable to escape. As Chazz Michael Michaels once put it: Whoever invented snow is an asshole.

I haven't got much else. LOST Stained Glass is nearly finished; one more season of Rescue Me until I'm caught up. Last year around this time we all got the world's biggest treat with Ab Aeterno (The Life and Times of Richard Alpert) . . . how I long for that kind of media-anticipation (!) In the meantime, take a look at this. And I hate American Idol.


madamsvito said...

Another one of my favorite Tommy Gavin Moments. SENSITIVITY TRAINING!

Donald said...

Dumb and Dumber is just about the funniest movie ever.

Anna said...

couldn't agree more. in my top 10 for sure.