Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Reviews, Living Dead in Dallas.

Here are some of my latest reviews posted on Examiner:
GREEN LANTERN and LOST: IT WASN'T PURGATORY, should you be interested.

And for the record, I so, SO wanted to title the Green Lantern review, "There's hope for Fuck-Ups Yet," but I thought that might be pushing it a little. Just thought you'd like to know, I occasionally show restraint.

Moving On:
Living Dead in Dallas, 2002, by Charlaine Harris.

"Bon Temps' Sookie Stackhouse is employed by Dallas vampires to use her telepathy to find one of their lost companions." (wikipedia).

I really enjoy these books. There's a certain honesty to them, in the dialogues and the characters, that I just dig, a lot. I actually think reading the novels made me like the show more although I do think getting inside Sookie's mind is necessary to love her, and in that, the books are definitely more personal and informative. And I suppose it would be kind of revisionist of me if I didn't admit that Anna Paquin's accent almost completely ruined my experience of the show (in the beginning) but after a while it just sort of grew on me and honestly, I am at the point where I'm so excited for the show I can hardly stand it.

LITERARY MOMENTS IN ERIC NORTHMAN (aka my favorite moments):

"I'll help you into the tub if you like, Sookie," Eric offered.
"Oh, I don't think so." A bath was what I wanted more than anything else in the world, that and to never put on these clothes again, but I sure wasn't taking a bath with Eric anywhere around.
"I'll bet you are a treat, naked, " Eric said, just to boost my spirits.
"You know it. I'm just as tasty as a big eclair," I said.

"Instinctively, I shut my eyes while the blasting lasted. Glass shattered, vampires roared, humans screamed. The noise battered at me, just as the tidal wave of scores of brains at high gear washed over me. When it began to taper off, I looked up into Eric's eyes. Incredibly, he was excited. He smiled at me. "I knew I'd get on top of you somehow."

June 26, people. JUNE 26.


Justin Garrett Blum said...

I'm disappointed that Green Lantern turned out to be so mediocre. It looked as though it was going to be amazing. Ah well. Thanks for the review.