Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Rite. and Um . . .

I tried to watch this last night and completely wimped out on it. Has anyone seen it all the way through? I don't understand why I've become such a baby with scary movies lately, I used to eat pieces of shit like this for breakfast. (You eat pieces of shit for breakfast?)

ALSO! Just popping onto IMDB for a rundown of what's happening in film and some images I needed when I see the FRIGHT NIGHT remake ad? Um, no one told me Collin Farrell was playing Jerry Dandridge, are you Goddamned KIDDING ME? Like Eric Northman, BUT COLLIN FARRELL. I'm hoping the August 19 release date, that I have circled on my calendar with an enormous heart, does not coincide with any peak fertility days (because damn . . . )

Out of curiosity, I wonder who's playing Evil Ed? And will Marcy Darcy be making a cameo?