Wednesday, May 2, 2012

30 second reviews?

Ebert does one-minute reviews; I have quite a few more familial commitments so I'm doing 30 second ones. Yes, I know you all shot me these recommendations back IN JANUARY.

The Lion King: Good voice talent (James Earl Jones and Jeremy Irons) but music is pretty weak. I do bawl every time Simba takes back the kingdom, though. My kids loved it.

Troll Hunter: This is the experience I had hoped to have at The Blair Witch Project (and obviously didn't). Otto Jespersen is one hell of a bad ass; you should seriously put this one on your list.

Forrest Gump: I'm kind of over this by now, but I'll always enjoy the military scenes and Jenny's changing hair and outfits. Sally Field severely annoys me in this, sorry, although I suppose her accent is better than most morons who attempt a southern. Give me Celeste Taubert in Soapdish over Mama Gump any day.

Music is cool.

Waitress: This was cute, I guess. Cute and I don't know, dorky. Pies were good, and Jeremy Sisto was extremely convincing as the jealous husband, but it all seemed much too sappy and chick-flicky for me. It felt like someone watched Bagdad Cafe (which is a good film) and made a bland, annoying rip off.

Rushmore: My first Wes Anderson experience; I found it clever but overlong even at only ninety-three minutes. Unfortunately our PS3 kept splitting the screen on the disk about every five minutes so my patience was thin already. My favorite parts were all Bill Murray, topping the list was his slapping the basketball out of the kid's hand as he walks through the park. Brilliant.

One last thing: I was in my last year at the U when this came out; say what you will about the film itself, it's still one of my favorite trailers, ever. Watching it makes me happy.