Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Yes, Yes, NO.

1. I have been playing Simon's Quest a lot lately after downloading it for the wii. I remember playing this with my brother in our attic on a 8" black and white television that needed a pliers to be turned on and off. We were very young at the time and tried very hard to figure out many of the puzzles but didn't really get very far. It probably took us like a year to figure out how to break blocks with holy water. Then, DECADES LATER, and through the magic of the world wide web, I was able to learn many of the cheats needed to get futher than, oh, the third town with the chain whip. It's fun! I can't imagine how much MORE fun it would have been figuring everything out on my own, but we lost the guide booklet probably about a month into owning the game so all the info in it was lost. I haven't beaten Dracula yet but am at the very last castle. The grim reaper and vampira have been my favorite items so far. And I love that after you beat the Grim Reaper, get the golden knife and leave the room, you turn around to leave the castle and he's right back at it again.

2. No Country for Old Men: A lovely film. Fargo in the desert, I thought. I will have to watch it again, all in one single sitting, I think. Watching it in three installments kind of tarnished the effect. They are always brilliant. I am always jealous of their abilities.

3. Blades of Glory: uh......yeah. I liked two things very much about this movie. The name, CHAZ MICHAEL MICHAELS, and "get outta my face." "I'm gonna get INSIDE your face." That's all I have. I can add it to the list of films I never finished (along with Pearl Harbor and The Last Samurai).