Thursday, April 3, 2008

Downer, Major Downer, Bouill-YA!!!

The Brave One

Wow. Very nice. But indeed a downer. I don't very often know what's going on in the news anymore because I never watch it on TV and I never get a chance to read a newspaper. Sometimes I prefer this to actually knowing what's going on as every time I seem to tune in or pick up a paper, I inevitably stumble upon some child abuse story or gory murder. I realize this makes me a very much "lesser informed" television lady at blogspot dot com, but for the most part, I am happier without current events. This film really made me realize that there are random, senseless crimes and acts of violence being committed all the time, every day. A college educated white woman WOULD have the reaction Erica Bane had and would "get" to go out and play vigilante because it was so jarring and upsetting. A generalization of course, but I think an accurate one. She said on her radio monologue that she never understood the people who lived in fear, how they could go day in and day out, afraid, but that she changed her mind after the assault. Kind of presumptuous? Think of what it is like for people who do not live in New York City lofts. Who for violence, serious violence, is a natural part of daily life. It's disturbing that these things happen, yes. We shouldn't allow ourselves to soften to them. But nothing ever happens until it happens to me? Look around. There is suffering.
The other thing that struck me in this was the way she kept having sexual flashbacks of her dead fiance. To be in the most euphoric and invigorating point in a relationship and have your mate suddenly beaten to death and taken from you.......I can't think of anything worse. The loss realized upon waking from her coma.....very Beatrix Kiddo. How awful.

Gone, Baby, Gone.

Also a downer, a major one. This whole thing has been playing over and over in my head since I finished watching today. Patrick returns the girl to her mother and will forever be implicated in the (probably negative) way she will turn out as the result of her mother's neglect.THE WORLD IS BETTER OFF FOR HIM SHOOTING THE CHILD MOLESTER. Good God. How horrifying. ON GIVING THE GIRL BACK TO THE DEADBEAT SKANK? Because he is a childless man there was no way he could make the decision.......the lines from Morgan Freeman re: his dead daughter were sob-worthy. Very intense. Ed Harris is WONDERFUL, as is Casey Affleck. Very, very enjoyable but seriously disturbing. I ****never**** thought I'd ever utter these words, but WELL DONE, BEN.


YES!!! FINALLY, A HAPPY ENDING?!?!!?! WITH SOME SORT OF POSITIVE RESOLUTION?!?!?! Very nice. Funny how Clive Owen (SMITH?), Mr. Shoot Em Up himself knows the most about infant care out of anyone? Delivers the baby, KNOWS that it wants to be nursed (Junior's thirsty, let's give him something to keep him quiet), and seeking out a lactating someone to take care of him? Nice work. Paul Giamatti was excellent. Hadn't seen him as such a gross villain since PRIVATE PARTS (W-ENNNNNN-B-C!)
Thoroughly enjoyable.