Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Stand as it pertains to LOST.

I just finished it today.

And there is something a little unsettling about the evil element in The Stand (Randal Flagg, aka The Walkin' Dude, aka Richard Something-or-Other, aka RUSSELL FARADAY) having the same name as our beloved DANIEL FARADAY?!?!?! What is with RF? And now, in this season, we have DANIEL WIDMORE, not FARADAY. Why? On Lostpedia it says that his birth certificate did not list a father's name, in the main narrative, I suppose it's unknown in the flash-sideways what this situation is.

If they're being clever with names, I want to know just WHAT Smokey's real name was back in the day (I'm not a WHAT, Ben, I'm a WHO!) and I want to know if it was Faraday. If it was, was Eloise KNOCKING BOOTS WITH THE SMOKE MONSTER? Is Eloise evil? She seems to be a Martha Stewart-caliber BITCH, for sure, if nothing else.

Nukes play a large role in both narratives.
Pregnant women play a substantial role in both narratives, Frannie in The Stand, and Claire in LOST. Nadine Cross is impregnated by Randal Flagg, Lucy Swann by Larry Underwood. Sun and Jin conceived a daughter, would that leave perhaps ONE MORE POSSIBILITY?!>?!?!
maybe Kate is supposed to carry Smokey's love child but can't because Jack has already knocked her up? Oh what fun!

There were four men who were told they had to defeat Randal Flagg, friends, as it turned out: Glen, Ralph, Stu, and Larry. Mother Abagail told them, "God didn't bring you folks together to make a community or a committee, he brought you here only to send you further, on a quest. He means for you to try and destroy this Dark Prince, this man of far leagues."

Are Jack, Hugo, Jin, and Sawyer going to be the ones to destroy Smokey, FOREVER? I sure hope so. OR, with all that "he walks among them but he is not one of them" tattoo business on Jack's arm, (Jack the fixer), will the three others sacrifice themselves so that Jack can go on to do the one ETERNAL fix of keeping the devil inside the wine bottle? That seems to be a pretty significant task. . .