Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Yes, YES!

The first yes is a smaller one, but an enthusiastic one nonetheless: 24 IS GOOD AGAIN! Oh, I've been waiting so long to actually like it; I can't believe that it's finally decent once more. The only thing that could make me happier would be Nina Meyers strolling in on the arm of Tony Almeida (which, let's face it, COULD happen given how out-of-whack things have gone in the plot lately).

I fully think the turnaround began the moment Charles Logan stepped onto the scene. You have to have a slippery enemy in 24; things just don't work if you don't. The first few seasons it was First Lady Sherry Palmer.

Then we had THIS GUY! Bravo, Charles, BRAVO. I never really felt one way or another toward Alison Taylor, only maybe that she was a crashing bore. I am thrilled to no end that Logan is completely out there dragging her name through the mud and being all sinister.

BUT WHERE IS AARON PIERCE? off making the goat movie, I suppose. Too bad.

Jack Bauer in battle mode, STEALING A HELICOPTER and contradicting the President? YES! FINALLY, YES! This is why people watch the show. We don't want to see Jack playing it safe, we don't want to see Jack worrying about some chick (although the surprise sex scene with Renee just before she got whacked was kind of good), we want to see Jack Bauer kick some ass! And all this tomfoolery just so he'll be able to get Platypus in a lockdown somewhere TO TORTURE HER!

On that note, Matt told me before the show that Dana Walsh was about to meet a fitting (and comical) end during the episode; fitting because she gets WATER-boarded (platypus) and comical because she sucks, and good riddance. I was a little surprised by that, actually. No Johnson behind the 2-way mirror with his injection bag? No ripping off fingernails, no Ritchie-from-season-4-psychadellic torture helmet, but right to water boarding? I suppose we're almost to the end by now and they need to get where they're going pretty quickly, so fine, I still give it a thumbs-up.

And second, BREAKING BAD.

This is fast becoming my second favorite show, ever. I cannot believe I've come to the table so late on this, but it is amazing.
"Could you do me a favor? Could you just. CLIMB DOWN. OUT OF MY ASS. JUST A LITTLE BIT?" The sarcasm on this show is killer.

And KEN WINS's BMW blowing up at the gas station? My new, favorite moment in media, ever. Do you know how many of those douche bags I've had to make coffee for during the last four years? PLENTY. The strut and the looks and the goddamned blue tooths. . . .

WONDERFUL. Do yourself a favor and watch it NOW.