Monday, August 23, 2010

For the Love of Billy. . .

HICKS, that is.

Let's all take the time to appreciate the one, the only, BILLY HICKS (played by the infinitely less talented Rob Lowe) from St. Elmo's Fire.

The Mullet! The Sax! "Let's Rock" in conversational tone!

If you were a tween in the 80s, chances are you had the hots for this guy, like me. My cousin Heidi had a poster in her bedroom of all the St. Elmo's guys, which I coveted for years. . . My mother would not allow me to see this film in the theater, goodness knows why.

This may just be the cheesiest character in the cheesiest film in the cheesiest decade of all time, but I love you, Billy Hicks.
(watch for In Love of Betty (Childs), soon to follow.)


Donald said...

You weren't a tween in the 80s. You were probably a tween in the 90s. You should have a crush on Luke Perry or Joey Lawrence not this asshole.

Donald said...

But that is a pretty sweet bat tanktop he's wearing. Was this a Halloween movie or something?

Anna said...

i was 10 in 1986.

it was NOT a halloween film per se, but the best scenes of it happened during the celebration on halloween, billy's BAT CUTTER being at the top.

then he sees his ex baby mama with a new dude (who i think went on to play WOLF MAN in top gun) and gets into a shoving match in the middle of his sax "let's rock" performance. it ends with him saying I HATE YOU YOU LITTLE BITCH!
and the chick (who was the female lead opposite JEFF FAHEY in the lawnmower man) saying BILLY! and then a reconciliation.
then a few days later he sticks demi moore's keys in his pants in her jeep outside the baby mama's house where she is pathetically shown comforting the baby wrapped in a blanket while all this malarkey is going on outside.