Saturday, September 25, 2010

Girls, Girls, Girls.

All the best girls are in Tarantino and Rodriguez films.

In Planet Terror and Machete, they get to kick ass despite physical disabilities.

Rose McGowen has never looked hotter, nor has Freddie Rodriguez, actually. I loved them together in this-- best sex scene I've ever seen. I think it was the music. Or the editing; it added a lot.

Of course I loved the fat little foetus-baby in the carrier at the end (!) Like Machete, this film is my idea of perfection. The women were able and intelligent, and hello, SAYID! The whole hospital segment in the beginning was completely remeniscent of Halloween 3, Season of the Witch, right down to Josh Brolin (as Tom Atkins who played Dr. Dan Challis) and the Carpenter-esque music going on? Right on.

The little nods to Tarantino were cool. Not just having him cameo as the disgusting rapist, but Dakota's list on the tiny memo pad? (1. Get Tony's cereal. 2. Get crickets for Tony's pets. 3. KILL BILL.) You have to be a nerd and pause it to see the full list because it's only on for a second or two. And the close up on the needle as Dr. Bill attempts to plunge it into Dakota (Mia Wallace's OD). And Earl the Sheriff (from Kill Bill). Cool.

Cherry Darling was cool too, and not just a glory hole. Cool as in Beatrix Kiddo or Jackie Brown or Sartana Rivera. These are women who know things, women who do things. One of my professors had a problem with these portrayals, he thought they weren't real and could never be. That it was unfair for the directors to hold women up like this, on a pedestal.

Maybe. But what about THIS?