Thursday, January 20, 2011

Film Quiz Contest.

So, next month is February, Hallmark's favorite month, right? Here at Television Lady we are creating an alternative Valentine's Event; you'll get no roses, no heart-shaped boxes, and best of all NO romantic comedies here, y'all. Rather, I'm giving you a film list of Danger, Substance (which may or may not be abused), and Relations. More simply, The Locked, Loaded, and Laid List. I think you're going to like it.

DISCLAIMER: (I had a few concerns about impressionable kids coming across this)

Since we have some time yet before February, what better way to prepare than a little contest? The quiz is simple: There are fourteen films on the LLL list, below are three descriptions of what goes down in each one and a quote, all you have to do is name the films, send me your answers right here or on facebook and the first two people to get the most answers correct each win a $10 gift card to Half Price Books. (If there isn't a Half-Price in your neck of the woods you can opt for Barnes and Noble or Borders instead). For clues, I've tagged each description with a D (for danger), S (for substance), or R (for relations) or any combination thereof.


1. Two chicks. Mafia Husband. Red Truck.
"I have a tattoo. Would you like to see it?" (D/R)

2. Kool-Aid red hair. Berlin. Roulette.
"Die Tasche!"(D)

3. Doctor. Fidelio. Masks.

4. Support Groups. Soap. Exploding Building.
 "His name is Robert Paulson."(D/R)

5. Unlicensed Boxing. Trailers. Dog.
"Yeah, Dad. You told us."(D)

6. Draperies. Leg-shake. Mini-van chase.
"Who's your daddy now?"(D/R)

7. Macedonia. Treachery. Battle.
"Then it's true. I have become a tyrant."(D/R)

8. High Rise. James Dean Biography. Television Screens.
"Are you wearing the panties?"(D/R)

9. Black and White. Stripper. Missing Limbs.
"Modern cars---they all look like electric shavers."(D)

10. Cocaine. Homecoming Queen. Special Agent.
"Not a one of us is going to eat until Laura washes her hands!"(D/R/S)

11. Red Dress. Heroin. Amphetamines.
"I'm gonna be on television!"(D/R/S)

12. The Whole Year Inn. Booze bottles. S-E-R-A.
"I'm a prickly pear!"(D/R/S)

13. Returning Videotapes. Dorsia. Chainsaw.
"Tell me, Stash. Do you think SoHo is becoming too commercial?"(D/R/S).

14. Toilet. Needles. Brits.
"We would have injected Vitamin C if only they had made it illegal."(D/S).

Have Fun!


Justin Garrett Blum said...

I'm not ignoring this post, I simply didn't get any of them.

Anna said...

don't worry. a lot of people have told me it's too hard. matt (my husband) had to think all day for most of his answers. i suspect he may have eventually cheated online.

Donald said...

I think this test is culturally biased. That is to say, it's biased against people who are cultured.


Anna said...

and just where do you put yourself in that populace???

Donald said...

I dunno. We'll see if I win or not.

Justin Garrett Blum said...

Well, in fairness, once I thought about it a little, I probably got two of them. The Eyes Wide Shut one I'm kind of embarrassed I didn't get right away, since I've seen that movie, like, five times.