Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spartacus Vengeance Finale

Friday is the season finale of Spartacus, Vengeance on Starz. I was feeling very lukewarm about the entire season until last week's episode, Monsters, set almost everything right again.

1. Gannicus and Oenomaus finally make peace. Unfortunately it comes out of of Oenomaus losing an eye and probably most of his hand, but their feud, though legitimate, concerned me all season.

2. Monsters (ha) Glaber and Illthyia are for the moment, back in business together. This needed to happen. I love those two as an awful, scheming, couple of hate and death. Good luck raising Spartacus, Jr., though.

3. The secondary stories of Mira and Naevia are done. Thank God.

4. Someone please get rid of Ashur. I can barely help throwing up every time he comes on screen. I hope Lucretia takes care of this creep, once and for all. YUCK.

5. Gannicus. As always, DAMN. His survival pretty much is the deciding factor in whether or not I keep watching the show . . . so far, so good. May the odds continue to be in his favor (!) There would be something oddly thrilling if in the end, he could hook up with the blond German girl, too; she's kind of annoying but seems lively.