Sunday, June 24, 2007

two-timing myspace, but who cares?

ilms i really hated.

surprisingly, there are very few in existance. I've been meaning to blog this for a while now, and finally, here it is.

1. PEARL HARBOR. walked out, little over halfway through. i don't really think this needs an explanation, but i'll give it a go: michael bay can do good non-historical action, like THE ROCK or ARMEGEDDON. this? PLUS BEN AFFLECK?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? yeeeee. nooooooo no no no no no. probably my most violent reaction to a piece of media, ever during my time on this earth (save for the severe beating i gave to my brother and jen after THAT GODDAMNED RICKY MARTIN VIDEO WITH THE CANDLE WAX. these things, plus jane's addiction make me downright homicidal.)

2. THE LAST SAMURAI. walked out just as tom cruise makes his surprise "visit" at the end. so annoyed. this was a film i had to see for a contemporary film class my last semester at the U. i had been seeing ACTUAL SAMURAI FILMS for a good, straight year and a half and then this. kurasawa was heaving in his grave after this one, seriously.

3. THE LIFE AND TIMES OF DAVID GALE. this is just one of those IN GENERAL sort of dislikes (i really try to be a bit more explanatory when i say i hate a film, so this is a big cop out) but i remember thinking, is this the best these decent actors could do? the story just made me really bored and annoyed and i felt very dumb after sitting through it. then i told my friend nik about hating it and she got mad at me because she really loved it.

hey, i had tons of professors say they hated a bunch of shit that i thought was classic genius. but really, some things just don't jive with people. i'm always willing to hear someone else's film rants too. it's probably my favorite thing to talk about!

that said, the floor is open. anyone want to dish on YOUR most hated films? i'd love to hear it! Or favorite ones, for those who are not into the whole negativity thing.......

a very negative experience.....

My mother got this book for us when we were children, most likely at a garage sale somewhere. We had read many of the other Russell and Lillian Hoban "Francis" books before this; they seemed to be a bit more uplifting. Harvey's Hideout may have come earlier than Francis, or Russell Hoban just may have been a severly foul mood for a good couple of years but I have to say that this whole book is really kind of nasty. The two little muskrat children are rude and mean to each other from the very beginning. I'm tending to side with the younger one, Harvey, as he seems to at least attempt to make nice after a while. Big sister Mildred is a big old BITCH!!! This is hitting me very close to home as I was quite rude to my younger brother (back in the day) and I guess I don't really like to read a children's book that is basically 90% kids fighting and 10% OH YOU'RE THE ONLY ONE I HAVE TO PLAY WITH SO I"LL BE NICE NOW THAT THE BOOK IS ENDING.
well, other children's authors have definitely done this too (Kevin Henkes, Nancy Carlson, etc.) but I think the difference may just lie in the skill of the illustrator, if we're going to split hairs. The illustrations of these MUSKRATS (gag anyway) are really evil and mean looking. I guess it's one thing if you're going to have cutish little mice (like Lily and Chrysanthemum) being all caught up in their girl drama, but Mildred Muskrat just looks gross no matter what she's doing (so does Harvey). I can't shred any sort of sympathy to a bunch of butt ugly muskrats who are yelling at each other and being rude. It's like having to try and try to stomach an ugly child who is annoying, rude, and mean (INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL and other random happenings in my personal life, unfortunately. not my kids of course).

The disgusting part of this whole rant is that this book is now my son's favorite one and he insists on having it read for his naptime and bedtime story. yuck. Matt has started to flat-out refuse to read it because he hates it too. Maybe I can get clever one of these days and substitute BREAD AND JAM FOR FRANCIS. After all this would be a much more desireable draw, being about food and everything.......RIGHT UP MY ALLEY!!!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

my new HBO bf.....

Now that there is no more Sopranos I've been enjoying Entourage more and more. It's almost like Sex and the City on the other coast, for dudes, and with a lot more likeable characters. Well, mostly likeable anyway. I kind of get bored with Vince and Eric, but everyone else pretty much rules.

Some more random thoughts on media:

1. nicole kidman bugs. it's the voice, i think.

2. the new michael moore is bringing in all sorts of hyped-up moviegoers at starbucks,
that or some codgey german language piece.

3. it's been george clooney week around here: Three Kings, The Peacemaker, and A Perfect Storm. All quite nice.
All this visual stimulation makes me seriously long for the good old days of neck tattoos and Seth Gecko.

Monday, June 11, 2007

The end is here.......


Tuesday, June 5, 2007

myspace movie game

I got this as a bulletin and it seemed fun! So, I thought I would try it as well.

Go to and look up 8 of your favorite movies. Post three official IMDB "Plot Keywords" for these 8 picks. Have your friends guess the movie titles.

Put down the ones you know. You don't need to know all of them. answers are below.

1. New York City, group sex, paranoid
2. Guest, Mansion, Invitation
3. Melancholy, Rise to Power, Organized Crime
4. Women Fight, Martial Arts, Mother/Daughter Runite
5. Vigilante, Gunfight, Teenage Boy
6. Father Figure, Double Life, Street Gang
7. Running, Multiple Outcomes, Berlin Germany
8. Multiple Cameos, Route 66, Friendship

Movie Game

Friday, June 1, 2007

things are right in the world again

I had absolutely no beef with the season finale of 24. I thought they brought it all back around and I was back onto pretty much being in love with every character again. I even found myself giving Veep Daniels a little sympathy in the end as well and I hated him from the get-go. Looking back, the only issues I had with the season were pretty much limited to that ridiculous health business (into a coma, out of a coma, forced back in, forced back out) with the Prez, that OUTLANDISH shit with Audrey, and of course, RICKY SCHROEDER. Many found Chloe's pregnancy to be a bad move. Yeah, I could probably have crossed that out of the script but after being forced to contend with the aforementioned elements, this just didn't even strike me as anything to get upset about. If anything, I enjoyed how she had to be all CHLOE about telling Morris, blunt and awkward. What a gem of a man Tom Lennox turned out to be! Surprise, surprise. I really enjoyed myself, and in my pregnant state of hormonally charged emotion, I cried from pretty much the last hour on.

NICE JOB, FOX. now please learn from your mistakes this year and give us something lively next season, such as, NINA AND TONY BACK FROM THE DEAD. you have your work cut out for you. GO. NOW.