Monday, November 12, 2007

Nicely Done, Mike.

I saw Bowling for Columbine and thought it was okay. I didn't see Farenheit 911 for some reason, I think I was probably busy taking care of babies or something.......THIS on the other hand was wonderfully genius. Top of his game, he was. Lovely. A+.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Back for some more rants

Yes, it's been a while. My last post was dated July 15 I see. The reason for such a long absence was that an incompetant roofer (KRIS SCOTT business alias DUKE OF ASH) totally effed up our house on July 18 and we were in a hotel until a week ago while it got put back together again. The dumbass left exposed boards open after leaving for the day and it just happened to downpour for approximately 2 hours that evening which resulted in waterfalls and lakes in the back half of our house. The good news is that we are here, the house is almost fixed and finished, and it's a nicer place all around. The bad news is that we had to get the roof redone at our own expense because the dick is not responding to our requests to give us our money back and we will most likely have to take him to small claims court, which is something I know is necessary but would rather not get involved with.

Unfortunately I was not able to take in as much "media" as I would have liked during our little extended vacation away from home, despite the fact that our insurance actually ponied up for pay per view feature films! We did manage to catch Shrek 3, Ocean's 13, Mr. Brooks, and Knocked Up, which (save for Mr. Brooks which I'll say was mediocre at best) were quite entertaining. I got the treat of catching the last 10 minutes of 24 most days after I got both kids to nap; it was the best of the best really, seasons 4 and 5. It was during our stay at the hotel I read the wonderful news of Tony Almeida's slated return to the show this upcoming season, with which I WILL toot my own media-saavy horn and say I TOTALLY PREDICTED FROM THE MOMENT OF HIS DEATH. How wonderful. I can't wait.

i am watching the last 30 minutes of fatal attraction right now and a few things have occurred to me. the first time i watched this was in the year 1988 during our christmas vacation in san diego. it was supposed to be the most terrifying "thriller" ever made, which it probably was for the time, but what no one in our family knew was HOW MUCH SEX THERE WAS AND HOW GRAPHIC IT WAS?!?!?!? talk about uncomfortable. here we are, i'm 12, charlie's 9 and we're watching michael douglas and glenn close totally bone on the sink and both my parents are present along with pansy. seriously.

secondly: i had to watch this bit of business SEVERAL times for a few of my classes at the U and got real familiar with the little secretive "hints" it was laying down in terms of ideology. more than just the simple WATCH OUT WHO YOU CHEAT ON YOUR WIFE WITH....there comes an underlying theme of IF YOU AREN'T MAN ENOUGH TO BE A MAN THEN THIS IS WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO YOU. i wasn't sure if i bought this claim at first, but when you watch their initial exchanges, you really see that dan gallagher's character is completely unable to assert any sort of authority and kind of just wishy-washes his way around every single decision that has to be made. because of this (and allowing all the females in the movie to call all the shots), he deserves what happens to him and is powerless to stop it, even in the end. real penis-issue stuff. to contrast what was going on in this, michelle lekas showed a clip of the most maschocistic testosterone-laden exchange of none other than papa douglas (KIRK) with some piece of tale in the 60s and this carried quite an impact. it's funny.

thirdly: now that i have kids who are out of their baby stages, the stuff with the daughter has become seriously a lot more disturbing. the boiling of the rabbit? how fucking traumatizing! the girl was so excited to come home from their trip to get her bunny and not only is it gone but mangled and simmering in a pot? next, she bears witness first hand to her parents fighting and hitting each other over the admittance of the affair. the look of her standing there, holding her little stuffed horse and comforting it while she cries and tries to hide her face made ME almost bawl. poor thing. also, going to pick her up at school and finding her gone? HELLO.

if some skank that matt boned had the balls to show up to my kids' school and take them there would be no question as to whether or not there would be any more drama. WHO DOES THIS? and even after dan has the knowledge that alex has done this and has totally invaded his family he STILL can't do anything. he tries to choke her and can't. i would have just bludgeoned her, forget the choking. ONE LARGE PUNCH IN THE FACE. with a microwave.

fourth-ly: i realized today that the tape she made for him was meant as a distraction for her to tail him home and find out where he lived? god. what a horrible woman. ick.

enough of that unpleasantness