Monday, June 29, 2009

A Difficult LOST quiz. . .

1. Mr Eko's Jesus stick falls out of a tree and almost hits John Locke in the face. When he picks it up, the first thing he reads on it is, "Lift up your face and go _______."

2. Juliet Burke's sister, Rachel gets pregnant, has a ______, and names the baby ________.

3. Goodwin receives a chemical burn on his arm and lies about how he got it. The dharma station where he works is the _________.

4. Jack's ex wife is named ________.

5. The three nicknames Sawyer uses for Cassidy, Kate, and Juliet, are, respectively, _____, _______, and ________.

6. The book that Juliet chooses for book club (that Ben wouldn't read on the toilet) is authored by _________.

7. Jack Shephard and Daniel Farraday both have something in common, concerning their education. What is it?

8. Charlotte's field of study is ___________.

9. Richard Alpert and Tom (Mr. Friendly) look on and do not intervene while John Locke beats the hell out of __________.

10. When Amy goes into labor, there is a complication that requires Juliet to get involved with the birth. The baby is _________.