Thursday, April 30, 2009

A small complaint. . .

All right. It's about high time someone explained why all the mothers on LOST are of the RABBIT variety? As in, is there one that can actually be considered a good one? This Eloise Hawking business better have some MAJOR significance to what happens in the long run.

I can sort of see Rousseau not being able to get Alex back, as they probably would have killed her.

I don't get Claire abandoning Aaron to hang out with Christian in the woods.

I don't get Kate going back to the island and just leaving Aaron, who'd she had been raising since he was 3 months olds.

Sawyer's mother was killed (absent).
Sun's mother seemed like she was out to lunch.
No mention of Sayid's mother, Desmond's mother, or Penny Widmore's mother.

Hurley and Charlie Pace seemed to have okay relationships but Charlie's mother croaked.
Kate obviously has mama issues.

Jin's mother was an evil whore.


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Who IS Daniel Faraday?

This has been puzzling me. He's been to the island, apparently multiple times. His mother knows both Ben and Charles Widmore. He does all kinds of crazy time travel experiments with a rat he named after his mother. He deserted his disabled girlfriend to go back to the island, and once he's back, he tells everyone else that the future can't be changed but then he HIMSELF contradicts this and speaks to Desmond in effort to change outcomes (presumably to save Charlotte.)

Is there some sort of twisted link with Widmore? Is he going back to the island to figure out how to save his first girlfriend? What does the mother have to do with this?

He has already kind of been proven a liar (saving your friends is not our PRIMARY objective---oh well, we were never going to take you off this island anyway), the future can't be changed, etc. Now he's getting on the sub and leaving the island at his leisure? Isn't this what brought Widmore down too? The island will not be pleased. Neither will John Locke. Maybe he's going to blow up the sub again, before he did it the first time just to prove his point.


Are we to expect Kate to start showing some pregnancy symptoms anytime soon?

Friday, April 3, 2009

Frank Lapidus

I think it's about high time I gave some real props to everyone's favorite pilot, FRANK LAPIDUS (Jeff Fahey).
There is just something about this guy that I really, really like on LOST. Many out there may have forgotten Mr. Fahey before now, but I have always appreciated him.

Some of his more memorable roles have included DWAYNE DUKE (just call me Duke) in Psycho 3, which is seriously one of my personal favorites, JOB in The Lawnmower Man, and the main character from one of the cheesiest horror films of the late 80s, BODY PARTS! Not to mention the chef JT in Planet Terror, you know, the one on the hunt for the best bbq sauce recipe (who then discovers his own blood to be the crucial ingredient?) Nice.

I see a Jeff Fahay film festival in the near future.