Tuesday, January 27, 2009

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Lost Season 5 and 24 episode 4

LOST: fine. A good enough beginning. Kate kind of overreacted to the whole blood test thing, which I'm sure was engineered by Benjamin Linus somehow. Sun, I just feel kind of blah about. So getting revenge is more important than spending time with your daughter? Take a lesson from Beatrix Kiddo: sit in a hotel room, spend your money, and don't look back.

Sayid is the Iraqi Jack Bauer. I love it.

24: That killing of Samantha Roth was unnecessarily brutal. What luck that the secret service guy happened to catch a less than ideal position on the fall over the railing! Now if that first gentleman knows ANYTHING he'll call his WIFE and get someone outside the secret service over the ASAP to see the kid dead with this elaborate scheme all laid out and rubber gloves and plastic wrap still on his person.

I am starting to think that ETHAN is the rat inside the oval office. It obviously won't be the secretary that resigned but someone she thinks is on her side; he fits the bill. Plus he was the corrupt warden in The Shawshank Redemption, some stereotypes you just can't escape. . .

Jack needs to stop being tender with Renee Walker. She honestly believes the FBI ISN'T INFILTRATED? Like David Lynch said about the Iphone. . . GET REAL.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Favorite 80s Movie Ever

24 Season 7 episode 3

So Jack and Tony storm the embassy to get the prime minister and Prez Taylor is torn about her decision to invade Sengala. I guess I didn't miss THAT much when the cable went out.

This week: Is anyone else having a difficult time buying the whole bit with the "First Gentleman" and this ridiculous plot that killed his son? I mean, yes, I'm sure he's correct in assuming there was foul play, but the secret service just takes him out too? TWO SUICIDES WITHIN MONTHS OF EACH OTHER, IN TIHE PRESIDENT'S FAMILY? Come on.

Also: the writers are painting a clear picture of how INCOMPETENT the FBI and AG offices are. This is every show, every season, every time. We have major issues to deal with but we really want to talk about how this random traffic law got broken or how the warrant wasn't issued in time, etc., etc. How could anyone take this seriously working for the government? You want the problem solved or do you want to sit here and talk about RULES and LAWS? Sorry, we couldn't arrest CHESTER THE MOLESTER in time because Agent Stupes McGee over here tripped over his shoelace and dropped the warrant into the sewer and it took us 12 hours to get a new one. . . .

Jack shooting Renee: Of course he'd have some "secret" way of doing it to make it look like he killed her. I mean, to be fair, he put a bulletproof onto Nina in anticipation of having to do the same thing to her back in season one, but Jack's been around since then, he has his ways. Her blinking eyes through the plastic covering while they were shoveling dirt onto her were a little disturbing but at least she got to live. Obvs Tony is privvy to this also. . . Great morbid ending. She even got a silent clock!

1. in the oval office
2. in the secret service
3. in the FBI?

There seem to be more rats this time around than normal people.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


1. The last half of Bauer didn't record properly on the dvr because Fox HD apparently quits working on Sunday and Monday nights if you get comcast. Jerks. Matt chatted with some lame-o tech for like an hour where all they could recommend was that we PING our box. Yeah, No.
So horror of horrors, we'll have to start recording and watching it in regular definition.

2. Sex and the City. The episode with "sexpectations" in the title: Carrie tries to bang Burger and it goes poorly, Samantha picks up Smith Jerrod in the restaurant, Miranda loves her Tivo, and Charlotte becomes a Jew: blah. Miranda actually looked the hottest. I kept wishing Carrie would fall over something and get a huge black eye when she was trying to be seductive and was all drunk.

3. In between this, Soul Food, and John and Kate Plus Eight, I kept flipping back to MIGHTY APHRODITE. Seriously a really funny movie but there are so many uncomfortable moments throughout that I had to change the channel: anytime Helena Bonham Carter said ANYTHING because she was so rambling and nervous and her Mia Farrow-esque American accent was really grating on me, and any scene which included Michael Rappaport doing anything at all. Ugh. Mira Sorvino is so excellent in this, genius.

4. LASTLY: That goddamned skit on SNL with Kristin Wiig playing GILLY? I about barfed. She's hilarious but this last one was so physically gross I had to look away a few times. GAG.

Monday, January 12, 2009

24 Season 7 Premiere, part 1

1. I seriously think the confidence and paranoia surrounding the economy and state of the nation has been in the crapper the last two years because Jack Bauer took such a long hiatus. People need to know that there is someone (even if he's fictional) out there who can save us. I'm not kidding.

2. I knew Tony wasn't dead. I KNEW IT. Furthermore, I knew he would come back as a bad guy. I have proof of this in my myspace blogs from 2006.

3. Janine? So far, so good. I didn't really think I'd dig her, especially in THIS show, where she seemed a little out of place. That said, WHERE THE HELL IS CHLOE? Did CTU really get disbanded? What gives?

4. "I'm gonna enjoy this. . . " grabbing the pen and getting it ready to stick into Gabriel Shecter's eye? Thank God. Jack is fine when he's all controlled and reserved, but it's good to know the good old Jack still exists, deep down.

5. Always: "I THINK THAT'S THE WRONG MOVE." No one else knows what they're doing. Jack is the only one with any knowledge.

6. Am I the only one sitting here wondering how George W. Bush got through major issues like this? As in, how in the world would he have had the abstract thought to not only process information but then ask the necessary questions in regard to how to handle them, what the next move should be, etc.? I just don't see it happening, like AT ALL.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Jack's Daddy Issues

So what gives with Dr. Christian Shephard being so instrumental on the island? First he leads Jack to water but then it's revealed that the casket was empty? My question is, did the ticket agent at the airport totally pull a fast one and simply board the casket (after all, Jack insisted that THE COFFIN had to be on the plane and said really nothing regarding the corpse of his father that technically should have been inside THAT) without the body, did the body somehow fly out in all the chaos during the crash or has Dr. S just randomly taken to walking around the island in all his deadness, body and all?

What link does Christian have with the island that makes him important enough to be the new Jacob in season 4, telling Locke to MOVE THE ISLAND?!?!?!? They better explain this.