Sunday, December 21, 2008

LOST Diaries: Episode 4


See, this is what I love about good media. This blog has been very stagnant lately, hardly any posts since the end of November. I've of course been watching things (Rudolph, Dante's Peak, other random non-noteworthy items) but it took LOST to get me really excited again. Wait, no. IT TOOK JOHN LOCKE to get me really excited again (and not in a creepy sexual way, in an appreciative media way).

After watching all of the episodes of all of the seasons, knowing his struggles, knowing what he's had to overcome and deal with, I see John Locke as such a wonderfully enigmatic character, I seriously think he's my favorite now.

So watching Walkabout I totally forgot the emotionally scored series of scenes at the end of the episode that reveal John's condition and later his triumph over it after crashing onto the island. Cried my fricking makeup right the hell off and had to reapply it all before going to work. (sniff).

Love John Locke.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

LOST Diaries: Pilot 1 and 2

Yeah, I'm watching them all over again.
1. John Locke on the beach with the orange in his mouth, smiling at Kate= Marlon Brando/Island of Dr. Moreau even though Brando smiles with the orange in The Godfather.

2. I think JJ Abrams must have totally been obsessed with The Twilight Zone too. Watching these episodes is like watching really good, episodic remakes of The Twilight Zone, complete with Bernard Hermann-esque scores. Beautiful.

3. When I saw these for the first time, I really thought there was going to be some gross dinosaur roaming around the island that systematically plucked each person away and fed them to its babies. . . the polar bear thing was really random and awesome. I have to love the foresight of Abrams knowing early on about the island's "abilities" and throwing the random polar bears in there. Now if only he would publish a literary collection of what is going on, LOST: The novels. I would fricking DIE of happiness.

4. Claire falling on her stomach while having contractions? Jack IMMEDIATELY getting Kate to sew his wound? Guy being sucked into the airplane engine? Jack's LAME story about letting himself have fear only for 5 seconds? Meh. A little too much too soon. Keep the guy getting sucked into the engine but the rest of this business needed to be spaced out or eliminated. No Jack's story/wait on Kate sewing him up, or have them bond some other way, like pluck a piece of schrapnel out of him, have Claire's stuff happen all together just when they think everything is going to be okay and then, BAM! The pregnant chick is going into premature labor! OH SHIT! Then they can go after the transponder, the sense of urgency would be a lot stronger.