Monday, March 30, 2009

Lost Season 3

I just may need to permanently tape my glasses here and start up a website like RICHARDALPERT DOT COM. . . .




Season 3 is really valuable. This is what I am leaning toward a little over halfway through my review of it:

1. Juliet. Is "mole-ing" for Ben initially, but is doing so only because she knows he has access to her sister and son in Miami. The recording she leaves in his locker about Sun's pregnancy and the "I hate you" that she left out on the end seems to support this. She's definitely my favorite chick on the island. A fertility specialist who loves Stephen King? Genius.

2. The Episode "The Brig" is probably one of the most important in the season. Locke joins up with Ben and The Others, sees his father being held in a room (Ben told Richard to bring him The Man from Tallahassee) and then gets is humiliated by Ben in front of the entire camp when he is unable to slit the guy's throat. Ben says to everyone, "I GUESS HE'S NOT WHO WE THOUGHT HE WAS."

Hmmm. I smell a super elaborate set-up here. Ben KNOWS that John Locke is who they all think he is, and therefore must humiliate him to get the peoples' allegiance back until the next issues arises. How rude. This comes to pass in several other situations down the line, and always, someone important seems to intervene or help John stay on the right path (Walt, Richard, Christian Shephard, etc.).

I don't buy that Ben is trying to "test" John or to get him to find his own strength. Richard, on the other hand, comes to John with Sawyer's file and explains that the old guy (Locke's dad) has got to go. Knowing that Locke won't do it himself, Richard gives John the file that presumably explains that Cooper not only ruined Locke's life by stealing his kidney, treating him with cruelty, and pushing him out a window, but also Sawyer's, as he was the original "Sawyer" who caused James Ford/Sawyer's father to go ape shit, ruining another life.

I love Richard Alpert.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

A revisit to season 2

A few things:

1. This season was completely about John Locke and Eko.

2. Every time Locke seems to fall off the chosen path, the island messes with his legs.

3. John was meant to find the Swan Station, but never to be the button-pusher.

4. It was important for John to find the Pearl Station in order for him to realize he was never meant to be the button-pusher, but he completely overreacted and lost his faith (momentarily).

5. In trying to save Locke during the second lockdown with Desmond inside the Swan, Eko WHIPS IN HIS JESUS STICK, which just barely makes it inside (like Indy grabbing his hat in Temple of Doom) when the doors come down. Signficant.

6. Yemi and Ana Lucia both tell Eko in a dream how to get John to find the Pearl Station. Libby and Desmond met before and she gives him her boat.

7. When Desmond resets the island with the key underneath the Swan Station, those Portuguese dudes in the arctic see the flashing on their computer and call Penny Widmore, saying, "I think we may have found IT." She's looking for the island? Did the old man TELL her about it? Or did she used to live there too?

Monday, March 9, 2009

A revisit to season 1

1. Locke gave Sayid his compass after he and Boone found the hatch, apparently thinking he didn't need it any more. Sayid discovers that it doesn't actually point north, Jack confirms this. Did Richard Alpert have this thing in the future? Was there something more to the compass at all? I read a theory tonight about how in season 2, once Mr. Eko arrives, there is a lot of business about looking up and going north. . . and how the island has to keep corralling Locke back in line to keep him on the right track, which is apparently to The Others (in a northward direction).