Monday, July 18, 2011

Serial Mom, Tommy Gavin, Walter White.

This one is from my brother, who didn't actually recommend it officially, but I'm taking the liberty in suggesting one that he would have recommended, had he had the time.

Serial Mom, 1992, written and directed by John Waters.
starring: Kathleen Turner, Sam Waterston, Ricki Lake.

"A sweet mother takes a little too much at heart for the defense of her family." (imdb).

As far as John Waters films go, this one is pretty tame. It's silly and inappropriate, but it's actually really funny. To be a suburban housewife, cooking, recycling, watching birds, and prank-calling the bitch who stole your spot at the grocery store? "Is this the cocksucker residence? 402 Pussy Way? Let me get the zip code right, 2-1-2-FUCK YOU?" Poor Dotty Hinkel. The reaction outside the window of The Sturbers' eating was classic, as was the little "REWIND!" coda (pictured left) that came after bashing old Emma Lou to death with the leg of lamb. And uh, nice energetic sex scene between Turner and Waterston, despite their being old (!) it was still hilarious.

Rescue Me premiere: Janet's pregnant; Colleen is off the wagon (what's new). Damian is not able to walk or talk after the incident with the table saw in last season's finale; through all that has happened, Sheila and Janet have decided to bury the hatchet and are now close friends (?) Black Sean proposes to Colleen. Oh, and Tommy is convinced that Damian blames him for the accident (imagining Damian coming at him with a knife). Happy times as always. (What a downer).

Breaking Bad premiere: Damn. These meth-capitalists can be so touchy! Gayle was just a chemist who wanted to make the best product possible; Walter's bag of 99% pure blue just really messed that up for him, didn't it? Too bad. And would it be insensitive of me to add that all I could focus on for the last ten minutes of the episode was Pinkman's Grand Slam Breakfast at Denny's? WITH ORANGE SODA? Damn, that looked good. Too bad about Hank, he seems very unhappy. (What a downer).

I did not get to see True Blood last night as my Harry Potter review took ages longer than I had planned, and I ended up missing the 10pm encore performance. Which sucks; I need more Eric Northman in my life.

Alexander wins the best vampire poll, by the way. Man, people got moody about that! I guess I'll have to stick to one program from now on? (rrrrrrrrr).