Sunday, July 15, 2007

Everyone needs to watch this......

the lines alone make the experiences worthwhile.
it would be interesting to compare the social statements going on during the 70s
in san francisco (nixon) to the current administration.....!

Despite any political leanings these films may take, they are still QUALITY.

the following excerpt comes just as callahan has been demoted to personnel (PERSONNEL? THAT'S FOR ASSHOLES!!!--to his boss that just demoted him) (I WAS IN PERSONNEL FOR TEN YEARS!!! says they boss) and has to be on a panel that interviews new inspector applicants. Mrs. Grey is there to institute guidelines that support the hiring of individuals that represent the changing social fabric of the citizens of san francisco (women and minorities). callahan is not pleased. he belittles tyne daily and asks her what she's going to do when some punk holds a gun to her head and yells, "HIT THE DECK YOU SON OF A BITCH!!!"

Lt. Dobbs: Are you finished with the questioning, Callahan?
Harry Callahan: Hypothetical situation, huh? All right, I'm standing on the street corner, and Mrs. Grey there comes up and propositions me. She says if I come home with her, for $5 she'll put on an exhibition with a Shetland pony...
Mrs. Grey: If this is your idea of humor, Inspector...
Lt. Dobbs: All right, what are you trying to do here, Callahan?
Harry Callahan: I'm just trying to find out if anybody in this room knows what the hell law is being broken.... besides cruelty to animals.