Thursday, January 3, 2008

so on food network there are all these ads for jamie oliver's new show JAMIE AT HOME and all they do is play it EVERY COMMERCIAL BREAK but the thing is that none of the food he's making looks at all good, it's like he's out in his vast ROOT GARDEN and picking out all these roots and then frying them up in some slimey shit and putting them on a plate. everything they show him eating looks like he picked it out of loch ness or something. slimey, gooey, gross and ROOT-y.

and matt of course adds, AND THEN HE SPITS IN THE FOOD TOO.....
since matt has a huge issue with his british lisping and dropping lemon pips in everything along with his spit. he grosses me out a little.

This, on the other hand will never get old. I love the BC; can do no wrong.