Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Twilight Zone Diaries, episode 23

Long Live Walter Jameson

originally aired: March 18, 1960
written by: Charles Beaumont
starring: Kevin McCarthy, Edgar Stehli

"You're looking at Act One, scene one, of a nightmare, one not restricted to witching hours or dark, rainswept nights. Professor Walter Jameson, popular beyond words, who talks of the past as if it were the present, who conjures up the dead as if they were alive. In the view of this man, Professor Samual Kittridge, Walter Jameson has acess to knowledge that couldn't come out of a volume of history, but rather from a book on black magic, which is to say that this nightmare begins at noon."

classification: drama

story: A university professor discovers that his colleague and future son-in-law, Walter Jameson, is in reality an officer from the Civil War, Hugh Skelton, who bought an immortality potion from an alchemist. Jameson is eventually shot by a former wife.

my summary: Pleasing. Dude is pretty handsome, even through tons of makeup. Very sexist (fiancee Suzanne), especially the father. Dust is a nice touch, music is creepy also.

"Last stop on a long journey, as yet another human being returns to the vast nothingness that is the beginning and into the dust that is always the end."