Friday, September 19, 2008

My Favorite Potter

We watched a few minutes of "Order of the Phoenix" tonight, the ending scene. It makes me cry every time.
I think it's some of the best storytelling/filmmaking I've ever seen.

1. SIRIUS: GET AWAY FROM MY GODSON! (smacks Lucius right in the face).

2. Bellatrix LeStrange. WONDERFUL in every scene she has. I love HBC, she was perfect as Bella.

3. Sirius's nonverbal spells while dueling Lucius. Apparently Harry picks up on how to do nonverbals as well? Last two blows before his death (to Lucius) are lovely.

4. Lupin holding Harry as he cries for Sirius. The overlapping of shots and no sound but the sad music is also beautiful.

5. Voldemort waving away Harry's wand. Dumbledore emerging from the flu network. Voldemort having the confidence to battle with Dumbledore. The wand noises, the fiery snake, the electric shocks when the wands connect, the big water ball, and Voldemort trying to curse Harry from within it.

6. My favorite, FAVORITE scene in the entire film is when V draws in the energy from Dumbledore's spell and then flails his arms out and yells, sending it all out everywhere throughout the ministry, breaking all the glass, shattering everything, everywhere. It is seriously AMAZING. I wish I could do that, but for good instead of evil.


Anonymous said...

ahhhhh i have to watch it right now!!! i love that movie so much! i LOVE bellatrix as well. i just adore the fact that HBC and tim burton are married, love them both so! and luna!! watching now.

Anna said...


i love how important she becomes in the last 2 books. how could she not?

sissy as well, and that she's all half ass about the "cause" and really just wants Voldemort to leave Draco alone so they can get back to being a creepy gaunt pale prada-pants wearing pure blood family.

although if i were narcissa i too would secretly want to say PISS OFF TOM RIDDLE I WANT SOME QUALITY TIME IN THE SACK WITH MY MAN LUCIUS.